Vote Down Bad Reviews & Vote Up Good Ones!

This seller made a huge mistake by allowing this 1-star review to be voted up to the first of "Top customer reviews". This should be voted down to avoid potential buyers see it!

Only 7 people found this 5-star review helpful which makes it "invisible" to potential buyers. This should be voted up to the Top area so that more people can see it.

Let Your Buyers Only See the Good Reviews of Your Product!

As simply as it sounds like. BUT it is a very powerful little trick.

Vote up positive reviews of your products so more people can see them and vote down negative reviews to prevent it showing up in front of your potential buyers!

All reviews votes up/down are from real & different buyers' accounts to achieve the best result.

After purchase, simply send us your paypal transaction ID, how many votes for which reviews and whether you want vote up or down.

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