Amazon SEO 4+3 Full Listing Optimization Package

We Optimize Each Product in a Unique Way!

  • SkyRocket Keyword Mining (Frontend + PPC)
  • Product Title
  • Product Bullet Points
  • HTML Product Description
  • FREE Backend Search Term Extraction for 1 Competitor's ASIN
  • FREE 360° Listing Analysis & Suggestions (Strategy, Images, PPC, etc..)
  • FREE Monthly Performance Tracking & Update (First 100 Orders Only!)
Listing Optimization

Optimize your listing with our experts! (NEW LISTING ONLY)

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How do We Optimize Your Amazon Listings?

Amanda Green - Amazon SEO Expert

Amazon is changing its ranking algorithm very frequently to avoid seller hijacking it. Our SEO experts will follow the latest updated of Amazon A10 algorithm to help you optimize your product page and make sure your listing will rank higher for more keywords in the long term.

We are constantly studying Amazon’s rule and all the ranking factors. By studying those top ranked products in each category, we are surprised to see that there is actually no one-rule-fit-all optimization method, every sub-category has its unique preference when selecting products to show at the first page according to different search queries. This is why we always optimize each product in a unique way.

Optimization 1: Keyword Research

  • SkyRocket Frontend Keywords
  • SkyRocket PPC Keywords

Free Keyword Research included in the optimization service. Firstly we will use our innovated keyword research system  "SkyRocket Keyword Mining" to help you do a full keyword research by closely studying your product and your competitors' well ranking keywords.

We will make sure that we’re populating as many relevant terms as possible for your listing without keyword-stuffing it in order to increase your visibility, sales and overall rank in the search results.

amazon product title optimization
amazon product title optimization good

Optimization 2: Product Title 

  • The Most Valuable Real Estate On Your Amazon Product Listing
  • Product titles are the key to customers finding your products and receiving vital information.
  • Keyword order and keyword choice in title can dramatically influence your product rank & sales

Optimization 3: Bullet Points

  • Huge opportunity to increase product relevance & conversion rate.
  • Keywords used in the bullets will be indexed by Amazon A10 and used to help identify your product when customers use the search bar.
  • Highlight the key features and benefit that differentiate your product from competitors'.
  • Carefully choose the wording to help customers make effective buying decisions. 
amazon bullets point optimization
amazon bullets point optimization
amazon product description
amazon product description

Optimization 4: Product Description

  • Great chance to tell the story of your brand and product, while throwing in valuable keywords want indexed.
  • Well-written copy with a strong call to action can certainly have a siginificant positive effect on conversions
  • Use advanced HTML to organize it, make it clean and easy to read.

FREE Bonus 1: Search Terms

  • We offer every client the Basic plan of our Backend Search Term Extraction Service for FREE! which can be used to check your competitor's backend search term fields!
amazon bullets point optimization
amazon product seo

FREE Bonus 2: 360° Listing Analysis

  • Our Amazon SEO Experts Team will do a deep analysis of your current product page, your product niche & your top 10 competitors' pages
  • Strategists team will discuss the analysis result internally and come up with the best plan of action which will cover every aspect of your product page (e.g. images, ppc, overall strategy , review & BSR boosting strategy, conversion rate, brand awareness, and so much more!)

FREE Bonus 3: Monthly Update

  • We are not going to leave you alone after the optimization. Instead, we will keep tracking your product's performance and re-optimize it again every month for 3 months to make sure you get the best result!

Only available to the first 100 orders, because this monthly update is really time consuming and we want to make sure the best quality is provided! (We will remove this section from this page once the 100 slots are all taken.)

amazon product description
Listing Optimization

Optimize your listing with our experts! (NEW LISTING ONLY)

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  • After Payment, simply send your Stripe Transaction ID, Your Product Link, Your Main Keyword, Your Top 10 Competitors' Products to