Amazon SkyRocket Keyword Mining

Amazon Keyword Generator - SkyRocket Keyword Mining

Our Amazon Specialists will provide you with 2 lists of keywords following our newly innovated "SkyRocket Keyword Mining" system to make sure you get every single keyword you will ever need for your product page optimization and Amazon PPC. 

SkyRocket Frontend Keywords

  • 50 -150 Keywords Closely Related to Your ASIN
  • Most Important Keywords for Your Product
  • Must Prioritize These When Doing Product Listing Optimization

SkyRocket PPC Keywords

  • 100 -200 Keywords for PPC by Deep Competitor Analysis
  • Generating Most Sales for Your Top 10 Competitors
  • Must Prioritize These when Running PPC Manual Campaign

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$49 for 1 ASIN

USA / UK / ES / IT / DE / FR / JP

Amazon Keyword Generator (Frontend Keywords & PPC Keywords) +Amazon Backend Search Term Extraction (Backend Keywords) = Everything You will ever need for your Amazon Keyword Research!

Robert Len
Co-founder of ExpertsRoundup
SkyRocket Keyword Mining

Amazon SkyRocket Keyword Mining

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Ordering Process - How it Works: 

    • After Payment, simply send Your Product Link, Your Main Keyword, Your Top 10 Competitors' Products to
    • Our Specialists will handle the rest hard work and send you the report within 48 hours
    • You can then proceed to optimize your listing and your PPC campaign based on our report
    • If you want to save your precious time, you can simply order our Listing Optimization Service. Our SEO Experts will take over from there!